Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Frustrated :(

It amazes me sometimes how dumb people can be about their physical appearance.

For the past few months, someone very close to me has been trying to lose those famous "last couple of pounds". Over the summer, they lost almost 40 pounds and--honestly--look amazing. However, the last 10 pounds or so won't come off the way they want them to. This person has taken some steps towards exercising more regularly, but can't seem to avoid doing things that I can't believe are 100% healthy (but they're not 100% un-healthy either). About two months ago, they went to one of these health places to get a weight loss supplement. They also like to go eating as little as possible (not anorexic by any means, but seriously, is three small meals that hard?).

Now, for those of you who know me, I know I've never struggled with weight and I'm not trying to be all knowing about how hard it is to lose it. However, I can't believe that drugs and skipping meals is the way to go. It seems to me that the nutritionists and the like who profess exercise and a healthier diet really have the right idea. It seems that by skipping meals, you may be losing weight but you're also losing out on valuable nutrients that your body needs just to maintain functions. Who knows though? Maybe I'm just one of those people who wouldn't understand if I haven't walked in their shoes.

That doesn't change the immense frustration though, unfortunately.

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