Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Time for Friends....

It's nights like last night when I realize that my time in high school was totally worth it.

Looking back on my high school years, I sometimes realize how few connections I really made. Even at graduation, I was generally friendly with everyone but only close with a few of my class. I remember thinking that the things they wanted from life at that time (to socialize, drink, party, and have fun basically) was not quite in line with what I was doing (working, dancing, prepping for college with scholarships and applications, etc.). Even now, I'm not really all that upset about that because, thankfully, I've had the opportunity to create friendships outside of those I graduated with that are SO much better.

All through high school and through now, I have some of my best friends in the world who graduated a year ahead of me--we call ourselves the Pink Ugliness, for any future reference (it's a looong story, maybe someday I'll share it!). Together, Robyn, Holly, Smiles, and I have had three day long "movie parties", braved lines at each Harry Potter movie on opening day, and traded books like they were baseball cards. Since we've all graduated and gone our separate ways (Robyn to Hope College, Holly to Albion College, Smiles to Kendall, and myself to MSU), we've all been very fortunate to have kept up our friendship despite the distance. Last night, while we sat at Big Boy, I couldn't help but be extremely grateful for that fact. No matter how long we go without seeing each other, the conversation picks right back up where we left off.

I think it's rare in life for some--especially me--to make friendships that are that rock solid. I have friends at school--some who are really close as well--but I know there will come a day where, after I leave college, some of those friends will fade into acquaintances. It happens for everyone, I think. Thankfully, though, I think the Pink Ugliness has etched a permanant place in my life happenings :)

Now, after spending an hour and a half fixing my sister's car (in the cold..grrr!), I'm off to watch Christmas movies like I wanted to. Merry Christmas everyone!

Over and out (for now!)....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello everyone!

Well, here I am at my second attempt to post my first blog (apparently my computer didn't load the page right the last time and I lost it :( Anywho, though...hello! After a long while of skimming a friend's blog, I figured I should jump on the bandwagon as well. It only seemed fitting that someone who enjoys writing so much, like myself, should share everything that's going on with me with all of you out in cyberspace! Before we get started, however, I figure it would be a good thing to share with you a little about myself....

I was raised in a small town in Michigan's "thumb"--the type of town where everyone knows everyone (and their business). My family--dad, stepmom, sister, and 1/3 of my stepbrothers--live on a 5 acre plot of land where we raise show pigs, feeder pigs, and some sheep. We also claim some chickens, a dog, barn cats, and a horse that my stepmom was insistant we have. As you might be able to tell from this little description, I've been very involved in agriculture my entire life. Besides raising livestock, my dad is an Agriscience (break it down now: agriculture + me, that's hard for most!) teacher and I've been heavily involved in 4-H and FFA (formerly Future Farmers of America, now National FFA Organization). I am even majoring in Agriscience Education (to teach also) and have a secondary degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications. Sometimes I wonder if I do too much with the ag industry, but then I remember that I'd feel a big empty spot if I did anything outside of the industry for a living :)

Apart from my involvement with ag-related stuff, I'm your typical 20-year-old girl. I LOVE to watch movies and TV in my spare time--I boast the largest DVD collection of any of my friends at college. Clothes are one of my weaknesses and I spend too much money at the mall. I hate the cold--which is hard in a state where it seems like it's freezing at least 50% of the time--and I love Halloween (ask anyone...when October 1 rolls around I'm super geeked!). Orange is my favorite color and Disney World is my favorite place on the planet and I've been there 10 times--so far :) My friends--although they drive me crazy some days--are my world and make my life awesome. Like I said--just your typical everyday girl!

I look forward to many more blogs (hopefully interesting!) and hearing back maybe from some of you!

Over and out (for now!)...